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FightxLife asbl


FightXLife Asbl aims to fight against #cancer and various diseases through adapted boxing. Regaining self-confidence and mastering your body are the key words of the association.

Association against cancer

The FightXlife association thus wishes to promote the maintenance of these patients suffering from cancer or any other disease during and after their treatments and/or their reintegration into an active social life.

To this end, the association will implement support for people by offering a sports approach centered on boxing. We will offer classes twice a week in the classroom.

FightXlife wants to be the relay of patients with the medical world and public authorities to raise awareness of the importance of a certain quality of life.

The coaches




Cancer Fighter Coach


Initiator sports coach


The equality of chances

We ensure that our members have the same chances, the same opportunities for social development, regardless of their social or ethnic origin.



It is this hand stretched out towards the other to remind him that he is not alone in what he is going through, with respect, taking into account the evolution of each one according to his own rhythm.


The well-being

Mental and physical health is priceless. In our fight, we recognize that good morale and a good mood can be essential assets allowing us to move forward.

Our classes in Phoenix: Monday at 5:30 to 7:00 p.m. and Thursday at 5 to 6:30 p.m.


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Fightxlife presentation

Sara, fondatrice
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Sara Rezki : "At first, we were told, 'boxing for sick people, but you're crazy'". Not crazy but visionary! In the ring, the smile is on all faces despite the effort. Let's dive into the genesis of this club like no other, through the story of its founder...

Our sponsors


Many thanks for their support!

Thank you for your support !

Support FightxLife in its fight against cancer through our actions by making a donation, by organizing an action, by making a partnership or by becoming a volunteer. However you help us, FightxLife thank you!