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I am Yuli nagata,

I teach my passion for karate to children (6-13 years old)
And to adults

Shidokan is a martial art whose goal is to perpetuate the philosophy and ethics of ancestral martial arts. It is a modern style of martial art that is practiced in a form of combat that combines several disciplines: The Triathlon (samurai rules). This discipline consists of a fight of 3 rounds: 1 round of karate, 1 round of kickboxing, and 1 round of MMA.
Master Yoshiji Soeno founded the Shidokan in 1981 by introducing the techniques of Kyokushinkai karate, Thai boxing and jujitsu which allow his followers to adapt to different styles and thus imposes on them a constant search for efficiency.

My journey :
I teach at Phoenixada, I am a professional fighter who is Shidokan world champion in the -65kg category (Kuwait 2019).


Our educational objectives :
  • Disciplines, channeling energy, mastering oneself and one's emotions
  • Physical development, psychomotricity, spatial intelligence
  • Self-defense and combat techniques
    • A philosophy of theory

      Nationality: Japanese
      Age: 28 years old


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