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Emmanuelle Lambert


Yoga Budokon means "the way of the spiritual warrior". Budokon yoga creates a bridge between martial arts and yoga, including elements of hatha yoga, martial arts, calisthenics, and animal locomotion.

In Budokon, the emphasis is on smooth, controlled, and precise transitions between poses, rather than holding poses. The First Series of Budokon tells the story of the encounter between the warrior spirit and the yogi spirit, via 7 sequences which constitute a chapter of this story.
The benefits of Budokon yoga are physical and mental well-being, development of strength, flexibility, mobility, coordination, improved concentration, and breath awareness. The courses are varied, either focusing on one or two of the 7 sequences, or mixing the sequences for a fluid course.
The courses are accessible to everyone. The trial lesson is free!

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Emmanuelle Lambert

My journey

Depuis 2010, j’enseigne un yoga qui se veut accessible à tou-te-s, quelle que soit votre condition physique, votre âge, votre genre, etc. Les concepts qui guident son enseignement: choix, exploration, empowerment.

If you think you don't belong in a studio, rest assured that you are. No matter where you are from, I will help you tailor the practice to your needs, and my classes are safe spaces.

Over time, my practice and my teachings have evolved to take the physical practice of yoga out of standard movements, to combine the universal philosophy of yoga with modern knowledge in functional anatomy.

My classes are based on Vinyasa yoga (synchronizing breath and movement, and postures together, step by step, with intention, hence the idea of "flow" for a fluid practice), are suitable for people in situations of trauma, and also include other movement practices such as Animal Flow®, martial arts, and natural movement.

My classes aim to improve strength and mobility, while maintaining breath and calmness of the mind as a central element. I teach conscious movement, using postures as tools, not as ends. Whatever your physical condition, whether or not you practice yoga, I encourage you to adapt the practice to your needs and offer options to meet everyone's needs.

I offer group classes, private lessons, and workshops, and do my best to convey the teachings of yoga in an inspiring and understandable way.

I am also a trainer of teachers, I supervise and animate the first training of teachers in Vinyasa Flow created in Brussels.

French in Belgium, I followed my initial training as a yoga teacher under the tutelage of Claire Missingham in London (and thus became the first Vinyasa Flow yoga teacher in Brussels). I continue to study and train and have notably studied or taken workshops with Sadie Nardini, Leslie Kaminoff, Jason Crandell, David Emerson, Cameron and Melayne Shayne, and A.G. Mohan.

I am currently registered with Yoga Alliance as E-RYT 200 (Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher, with initial training of 200 hours), and YACEP (Yoga Alliance Continued Education Provider). I am also the first “TCTSY-F” (Trauma-Center, Trauma Sensitive Yoga Facilitator), a yoga companion for traumatized people, empowered to treat trauma through yoga (complex, chronic, persistent post-trauma stress syndrome). ). I am also a certified Budokon Yoga teacher, and a certified Animal Flow® Level 1 instructor.

My other influences and passions include Thomas Myers, Doctor Who, Game of Thrones, the Big Bang Theory, Sonic Youth, Maurice G. Dantec, James Ellroy, Batman, animal welfare, and my cats. Oh, and dark chocolate. (yes it's all part of the official version)


Trainings and accreditations:

  • First certified Vinyasa Flow teacher in Brussels and Wallonia – Teacher training with Claire Missingham, London, UK;
  • First teacher trained in Core Strength Vinyasa Yoga in Belgium – several online teacher trainings with the creator of the CSV, Sadie Nardini;
  • First teacher trained to be an accompanist of Trauma-Center Trauma-Sensitive yoga (TCTSY-F) in Belgium (and the only French-speaking) allowing to accompany therapy with yoga, with the Trauma Center in Boston;
  • Certified Budokon Yoga teacher;
  • Certified Animal Flow® Level 1 instructor.

Tricks and Gizmos

  • I'm more "dog" but I live with 5 cats. Go figure;
  • I practice martial arts (Muay Thai, Brazilian jiu jitsu / grappling), and explore natural movement practices and the Ido Portal method;
  • I love indie rock. But a little Eminem or Beastie Boys once in a while doesn't hurt;
  • I am a geek. Game of Thrones and Big Bang Theory > Sex and the City and The Young and the Restless, and by far;
  • I am: active in animal protection, a feminist, an LGBTQI+ ally. If your views lean towards the side of oppression and discrimination of living beings, you might learn a thing or two about union, unity and interconnectedness – because that is yoga.


A little history !

HISTORY AND PHILOSOPHY, various postures

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History and Philosophy

Budokon yoga has several meanings, to be discovered in this video.

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Various poses

Budokon yoga is distinguished by its various postures to discover. 

Practice !

The technique

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Technical Part 1

Course – Technique – Theory

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Technical Part 2

Course – Technique – Theory

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Technical Part 3

Course – Technique – Theory

Serendip Spa & Yoga

Vinyasa Teacher Training is here !

My lesson times

  • Wednesday 12:30 – 13:30

Mixed courses

Everyone is welcome

Free trial lesson to get started.