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My judo lesson

My name is Mubarak, I am the coach for the children. I practice judo since my childhood.
What is Judo ?
Created in 1882 in Japan by master Jigorō Kanō, Judo is the mixture of 2 kanji "Ju" meaning flexibility, adaptation and "do" referring to the way. Literally therefore, judo means the way of flexibility. This martial art derived from traditional ju jitsu, is developed based on ancient teachings Tenshin Shinyo Ryū and Kito Ryū learned by the great master in his quest for knowledge. Driven by the desire to popularize the Japanese martial art by highlighting mental and physical resources, Jigorō Kanō decided to codify ju-jitsu techniques to rid himself of his warrior vocation. It can thus be more easily taught in the form of kata and go beyond Japanese borders.
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Judo is a martial art that is subject to strict rules that may vary slightly by region. However, within the International Judo Federation there are competition rules that must be respected during organized bouts. Judo has several combat techniques that must be assimilated over a long apprenticeship sanctioned by obtaining belts categorized by colors and dances.*

I'm waiting for you in good shape at my class

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Judo kids (4)

From 6 years old

From 6 to 12 years

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From 13 years old

Jusqu’à 13 ans

Judo kids (3)

From 6 to 13 years old


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