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Internal regulations


* Students who are registered and who want to participate in the course must be dressed:
– Clean and the right size.
– Consisting of a kimono, a rashguard and a belt.

*Toenails and fingernails should be trimmed.

* Long hair must be tied back.

* Jewelery and accessories must be removed or covered with straps if this is impossible.

* The mouth guard is optional but recommended in case of braces.

Internal regulations


* People who wish to give it a try are entitled to a free lesson.

* Students who are not in order of payment may be refused access to the course.

Internal regulations


* We warn of his delay with a message.

* If the delay is too long or recurrent, a teacher may refuse a student on the tatami.

* In case of delay, the student must wait outside the tatami until the teacher invites him to return to class.

Internal regulations


* We do not walk on the tatami with shoes.

* We do not go back on the tatami until the previous class is over.

* You do not put your water bottle or bottle on the tatami and you drink outside of it.

* We greet the teacher when we enter the tatami.

Internal regulations

During the class

*Bags must be stored in the lockers and shoes placed under the benches or against the wall.

* We clap our partner's hand at the beginning as well as at the end of a fight.

* We give way to the most senior who ride nearby.

* All students, officers included, must be alert to what is happening around them during combat.

* Officers and girls have priority over the choice of partner and may refuse a fight.

* Breaks between fights are not allowed but you can stop whenever you want.

Internal regulations

End of course

* We warn the teacher if we leave before the end of the course.

* Do not leave your tape on the tatami or your bottles in the room.

* The last people to have taken a shower have a little squeegee.

Internal regulations

Visitors and beginners

* Visitors must apply to participate in the course without guarantee of acceptance.

* Visitors and beginners must learn and respect the rules.

* The possibility of doing the fights is left to the discretion of the teacher

* A waiver must be signed in both cases.

* Beginners must learn the rules of Jiu Jitsu before fighting.